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Bases and Foundations

Bases and Foundations

We have completed numerous domestic and commercial contracts in constructing and laying bases for sheds, garages and garden offices.

We can build a base to most specifications. If you know the size and type of base you would like, then complete our form on the contact us page for an approximate cost of works.

Bases can be constructed in many sizes to take different weight loads. There are 2 main ways we can reinforce the concrete base, by using metal mesh, known as reinforcement grids and by adding fibres into the concrete mix. Reinforcement in concrete is used to ensure that the cracking which always occurs does not threaten the structural integrity of the concrete.
The way we work the concrete is with a shovel and a strong rake to roughly level out the wet concrete, and then a straight-edged timber can be used to tamp down the concrete to the correct level. Tamping helps eliminate air pockets being trapped in the body of the concrete and also helps to push the hard aggregate into the concrete, bringing sufficient of the matrix to the surface to make smoothing (floating) easier.

Concrete paths should be 75-100mm thick, whereas drives, garage bases or hard standings should be at least 100mm thick. For heavier use, such as large vans, use a 150-200mm thick concrete slab. Concrete slabs intended for exceptional loads, such as commercial yards, lorry parks etc., will be at least 200mm thick and should be specifically designed as they will probably require a sub-base of at least 100mm thickness, and steel reinforcing mesh or a fibre-reinforced concrete.The edges of the proposed slab will need to be contained. This can be achieved by means of:-

  • Use of existing walls
  • Construction of permanent wall, edging or kerb
  • Erection of temporary form work or shuttering

It is essential that this containment is in place before we start placing the concrete.




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