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Landscaping Services

Landscaping is changing the Artistic garden design and structural landscape of a domestic or commercial area.

To explain the process simply, a landscape designer will create a design for your garden.  The designer will take into account things like climate, soils, plants, colour, environmental issues and drainage.  After the completion of the design stage the landscaper will then build and construct your garden.  The whole process involves modifying the features of your landscape, therefore improving the natural beauty of your garden.

What is meant by the terms soft landscaping and hard landscaping?

Hard landscaping refers to all the concreting, paving, drainage, garden ponds, waterfalls, retaining walls and any other hard surface that is built into your garden structure, it is usually more costly than soft landscaping. Soft landscaping on the other hand refers to plants, planting, mulching, seeding and laying turf, soil improvements and anything that is of organic origin.

Is there such a thing as a low maintenance garden?

Yes there is, low maintenance gardens can be created by using a mulch to reduce the amount of weeds that grow, mulching also helps the ground to retain moisture and adds nutrients to the soil.  Irrigation systems can be put in place for ease of watering and using plants that need less water to survive is always helpful.  Of course installing paving is a great way to reduce the amount of lawn you have to mow.  Gravel areas, decking, bark chippings and so on, can be used used either alone or A combination of all.

At LJP Landscaping we manage and run your landscaping project. We have made gardens with fancy footpaths and water features to low maintenance gardens. We have undertaken so many landscaping projects that we can give you advice and some suggestions with the design of your garden. If you have a budget to work from we can organise the most cost efficient way to landscape you garden using different products in different ways. One simple example is by using 20mm gravel rather than pea shingle is best for gravel areas. Cats tend to think that pea shingle is a large cat litter tray. By using other stones you can break up your gardens look. Try Cotswold Chippings (white stone ) against new fencing and large architecture plants like banana plants, the white of the stones really sets of any plants.

Why use LJP Landscaping ?

We have a number of year’s experience in Landscaping and have completed numerous landscaping projects, which we will happily pass our knowledge and expertise onto you.

We fence, deck, turf, shed build, pergola erect, make borders and the list goes on and on. We have experience in all different aspects of home improvements and instead of having lots of companies working for you, you can choose us and get one great price, fast reliable work and we are fully insured both domestically and commercially.

Our process is to give you a free no obligation quote by viewing your garden, going through all the ideas until we have an idea of what we want to achieve. Most quotes sent out have several choices available to you and relevant costs. This maybe for example: with or without fencing or using gravel or bark chippings, paved or decked. We like to split our quotes to parts and labour, to show you what you are spending on parts and towards the labour costs. And then we give you the all in price, no hidden extras.  We will give you an estimated time of completion and we will keep you updated all the way through the project.




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